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We select and buy the best of raw materials to ensure that what we produce is worthy of carrying our trusted name and the “Buy New Zealand Made” stamp. All our hats are produced using natural materials with your comfort in mind.

Product Development

We’re constantly innovating, updating and improving styles, and we can do this in our own distinctive way. Rather than imitate or follow others, we use our own unique approach. Input from our customers though is always appreciated and is always taken very seriously.

Made in New Zealand

And proudly too! Our country is a beautiful but sometimes harsh environment. That environment demands respect, and our way of providing that is to make products that are unique. We use only New Zealand leathers, tanned locally by natural processes.

Service and Support

We don't have much time for the modern culture of disposability, and will repair your purchase if need be and rejuvenate whenever possible. We make every effort to produce a fault-free product, but if an error has occurred somewhere along the way, tell us about the problem and we’ll make it right.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about or problems with our products, and we will be glad to assist in any way we can.